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Parkade Services

Parkade Cleaning in the Calgary Area

Serving residential and commercial clients in Calgary and area, Keaco services offers dependable parkade cleaning services. We're dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations each time with our trained and knowledgeable employees, up-to-date equipment, and innovative cleaning solutions. Call us if you need professional assistance with parkade cleaning and maintenance.

Our parkade cleaning services include:

Parkade Sweeping
Exclusive Use of Tennant® Ride-On Sweepers:

  • Our fleet includes 4 of these industry leading machines that allow us to fulfil all of our commitments, avoiding delays and inconvenience caused by mechanical failure.
  •  This equipment has vacuum assisted recovery controls dusting while operating.
  •  The machine has among the highest sweeping speeds, which means that we can complete your job promptly and therefore cost-effectively.

Removal of Sweepings:

  • Custom lowboy dump trucks ensure the sweeper hopper in the parkade.
  • Hauling and proper disposal of sweepings is included in our service.

Detailing of Obstructed Areas:

  • We hand-broom all corners, edges, gutters and curbs.
  • We scrape compacted mud deposits to assist the power sweeper in complete removal.

Parkade Scrubbing
Exclusive Use of Advance Captor™ and Tennant® Ride-On Scrubbers:

  • We carry a fleet of 4 of these machines to make sure we complete all of our jobs and prevent any disruption resulting from mechanical failure.
  • The equipment's 30-gallon recirculating water system has a long operating period.
  • High operating speed ensures that your job is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Controlled water flow prevents flooding and pooling of water on uneven floors.
  • We minimize inconvenience to your parking users during the cleaning process.

Detailing of Obstructed Areas:

  • We pressure wash all corners, edges, gutters and curbs.
  • We apply de-greasing agents and agitate oil deposits to assist the power scrubber in complete removal of such deposits.

Parkade Pressure Washing
Truck-Mounted Pressure Washing Equipment:

  • The equipment operates at 1000 psi and 3 gallons per minute.
  •  It is easily accessible to all parkade areas.
  • The machinery is used for oil spots, walls, ceilings, pillars, pipe runs, ventilation systems and sumps.