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Commercial Property Cleaning Company

in Calgary 

The Keaco Mission
At Calgary-based Keaco Services, our aim is to answer the specialized service requirements of our clientele by providing consistent, reliable service. We're constantly striving to deliver the best results possible, and we're never content merely with satisfactory results. To achieve this goal, we constantly educate, train, innovate, experiment and re-invest in our employees, partners and equipment.

Company Profile
Keaco Services emerged in 1980 with a single objective in mind — bringing a degree of expertise and professionalism to the commercial building cleaning industry. We have tried to achieve this by training and educating cleaning technicians and by researching, investigating and investing in the best methods and equipment that would aid in fulfilling our commitment to excellence.

During the 35 years since our beginning, we have succeeded in nurturing our company from its modest beginnings operating from the back bedroom of our family home to the present 11,000-square foot facility our 10 employees now call their home (away from home).